DMARC.LV cookie policy

A cookie is a small text identifier that is sent to a web browser during your visit to the DMARC.LV website, which it stores for the time specified in the cookie. If the web browser has saved the cookie, then the next time you visit DMARC.LV, along with the connection request, the cookies are sent to the DMARC.LV website, which in turn, recognising the cookies, can immediately provide the service by using your previously chosen settings.

Cookies used on the DMARC.LV website:

42 - an authentication cookie is required to use the service, it is stored on the website and sent to your browser when you log in to the DMARC.LV website, using your username and password. The cookie is valid for 30 days or until the session cookie is deleted;

lang - a cookie that ensures that the settings of your chosen language are saved;

cookie_notice - a cookie to remember whether you have already agreed to the use of cookies on the DMARC.LV website;

DMARC.LV does not use third party cookies.